Work history

A mix between full time employee and freelance work. Cross-industry and platform.

Lead UX/UI Designer
Labyrinth ONE

18 Months

SanoPass Mobile App and Website – Health and Wellness

Led the UX Strategy and UX & UI design for both their Mobile and Website. A welness app featuring doctor appointments, AI diagnosis, Fitness and Nutrition.

6 Months

Proximity – Vote Impact platform

Led the visual design experience for their responsive web app. A fully digital proxy voting solution allowing meeting data, votes and more to be sent and received in real time.

6 Months

Swaps – Healthcare

Led the UX & UI effort for one of their Mobile Apps. A shift swapping app that enabled junior doctors to request shifts.

6 Months


Led the UX and UI for their Mobile App. A fintech app that allowed employees to request a salary advance.


3 Months

Caption.Ed Mobile App – Accessibility and Captioning

Led the UX and UI for their Mobile App. A captioning app that was targeted towards hearing impaired students. The app would record any sessions and would save them for later usage.



3 Months

Edge – Retail

Led the UX & UI effort for one their web apps. A web platform that scraped pricing information from online stores, such as Tesco, to help clients like Nestle with pricing, product shelf placing, kpis, etc.



3 Months

BENEFIT – Workforce and Employee Benefits

Led the UX Strategy, UX & UI design effort for their mobile app. A mobile app that enables employees to top-up their benefit cards, buy from the marketplace and discover offers and discounts around.



Senior UX/UI Designer

4 Years

As a consultant, I navigated diverse engagements with esteemed clients such as Honda, Chevron, MunichRe, RBS and others. Spanning the globe, I traveled to clients’ headquarters, igniting projects, advocating for the design process, and facilitating design thinking workshops to catalyze innovation.

Steering projects from their early stages to successful completion was personally fulfilling. Alongside this, leading a Design Internship Program allowed me to directly mentor and empower six aspiring designers, watching them flourish within the field.

Senior UX/UI Designer
Orange Telecom

3 Years

As a key contributor, I spearheaded the design and development of two flagship products, My Orange mobile app and Orange Money solution. My role involved orchestrating the conception, design, and execution of web, mobile, and responsive solutions.
I innovated and implemented groundbreaking concepts to enhance layout, usability, and user journeys, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience for our users.

Senior UX/UI Designer
Allianz SE

1 Years

Working within an innovation lab, I’ve had the exciting opportunity to cultivate startups from their inception, guiding their growth from the ground up. This experience has honed my ability to create tailored mobile, tablet, and responsive solutions for these budding ventures. My role involved conceptualizing innovative layouts, enhancing usability, and refining user journeys while maintaining high User Experience standards and best practices.

UX UI Developer

3 Years

    • Focused primarily on the Antivirus solution while contributing to B2B offerings like GravityZone. Responsibilities encompassed developing user-centric interfaces, innovating for complex designs, and collaborating cross-functionally for ongoing interface enhancements.
Lead Front End Dev
King Crown Services

2 Years

I crafted and maintained ASP and .NET-based websites, driving the creation of new features using cutting-edge front-end tech. I ensured seamless functionality, innovated with ASP and .NET, and improved user experiences with dynamic features. Collaborating across teams, I integrated front-end elements with back-end systems for a cohesive web environment.

Web Designer
XVision Studio

1 Year

I led the design process, creating impactful website layouts and interfaces. Utilizing HTML, CSS, and strong UI/UX knowledge, I collaborated with stakeholders to deliver visually striking and user-centric digital solutions. Known for meeting deadlines with precision, I continuously honed my skills to stay ahead in the ever-evolving design landscape.

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