I specialize in evolving businesses through carefully tailored digital experiences.

My values

Iterative design process

I validate ideas early (with stakeholders and users) and i am thoughtful and intentional in seeking and responding to feedback. Moving fast, listen, and adapt. Rapidly incorporate feedback, and prioritize collaboration.

Collaboration and communication

I build great relationships with engineers, PMs, and other stakeholders. To reach these audiences, i communicate designs through a variety of methods: presenting mockups, making prototypes, sharing a design spec.

Thoughtful, intentional work

I know that form informs function and usability—that the surface layer doesn’t exist in a vacuum. My design decisions are often informed by—and will influence—engineering and business considerations.

Dedication to the user

I strive to understand your users—who can range from a manufacturing plant worker to a pharmaceutical researcher—and fight to empower them. Software that changes how people use data in any context.

We’ve worked with Alberto on designing an innovative new product which translates into a new mobile app. We found him to understand very quickly our business and our needs, helping us identify answers to most challenging questions. He was very professional and delivered the entire scope of our project in a timely manner, even going the extra mile to deliver some out of scope topics. Feedback rounds were very smooth and efficient. Looking forward to working with him in the future.

Stefan Todorita
Strategy and Development Director, Edenred
We worked with Alberto on our mobile applications for our Caption.Ed software. Working with him has been fantastic, and he provides an in-depth product, UX and UI design expertise alongside great communications and a can do attitude. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with them in the future on new and existing projects.

Chris Purcell
CEO Carescribe
Alberto has been essential for the success of SanoPass. Due to his creativity and remarkable product design abilities, he has helped us grow from 200k to 2M EUR.

Andrei Vasile

Let's Talk

I reply at hello@albertos.info 

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